Kodet f/12.5 (fixed focus) - Kodon Shutter
  Anaston f/8.8 - Flash Diomatic Shutter
  Anaston f/6.3 - Flash Diomatic Shutter
  Anaston f/6.3 - Flash 200 Shutter
  Anaston f/4.5 - Flash Diomatic Shutter
  Anaston f/4.5 - Flash Kodamatic Shutter
  Anastar f/4.5 - Synchro-Rapid 800 Shutter

All Anaston and Anastar lenses were hard-coated or 'Lumenized' as shown by the symbol following the lens serial number

Flash Diomatic, Flash 200 and Flash Kodamatics were synchronized for Class SM/SF bulbs using a 5ms delay at 1/25 to 1/100 and Class M bulbs using a 20ms delay at 1/25. Only the Synchro-Rapid 800 was synched for electronic flash (0ms delay). The duration of an electronic flash is so brief that its light is gone before the SM/SF synched shutter opens.


Kodak Anastigmats (Anastons) and Kodak Anastigmat Specials (Anastars)

  This information is from Kodak Lenses, Shutters and Portra Lenses, 4th edition, 1952, and generally applies to Kodak Tourist (I) cameras also.  
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