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      Kodak Tourist I/II   Kodak Monitor (1948)   Kodak Regent II   Zeiss Super Ikonta C

Anaston (triplet)
Anastar (Tessar-type) f/4.5

Anastigmat f/4.5
Anastigmat Special
(Both Tessar-type)
Xenar 3.5, uncoated Tessar f3.5, coated

Flash Kodamatic
1/25-1/200 (Anaston)
Flash Supermatic
1-1/400 (Anastar)
Synchro Rapid 800
1-1/800 (Anastar)

Flash Supermatic
1 sec-1/400
(Earlier Monitors had unsynchronized Supermatics)
Compur Rapid
1 sec-1/400
Synchro Compur
1 sec-1/400
  Film Size 620 620 620 120
  View Finder Integrated Flipup optical
(but very bright)
Integrated, combined VF/RF Flipup optical
  Range Finder None None Combined VF/RF Separate.
  Special Features Body release
6x6, 6x4.5 masks
828 convertor for
..2x2 slides
Body release, 'Automatic' frame counter, avoiding need to use ruby window Body release
Exposure Counter
6x4.5 mask
  Manufactured 1948-58 1948 1935-39 Post WWII
  Current Price $25-50 $50 (est) $200-300 (est) $500-700 §
  Availability Plentiful Limited Very limited Moderate

§ You could get a non-rangefinder Ikonta or a Voitländer Bessa for much less than this.

More information

  Information is not shown for simple fixed focus units: Kodon/Kodet and the slower Anaston/Flash Diomatic units

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