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  Cyrano Feb., May,1933
  Beaux Arts May ,1934; Feb., May,1936; June, 1938; June,1939
  Intransigeant May 30,1934
  Comoedia June 1,1934
  Paris-Soir June12,1934
  Livret des Artistes Feb., June,1936; May,1939
  Arts et les Artistes July,1938
  Art Vivant Nov.,1938
  L’Excelsior Nov.,1938; March, 1939
  Journal des Debats Apr.,1939
  La Terre Retrouvee March,1940; May,1947
  France-Amerique Nov.14,1943; Feb.,10,1946; June,1947; Feb.,1948; Oct.,1956
  La Victoire Feb.2,1946
  Paroles Francaises June,1947
  Opera June,1947
  Aux Ecoutes May, 1947
  L’Aube May,1947
  Les Expositions May, June,1947

Russian art in collection of Tsetlin-Russian National
Gallery (Tret’iakovskaia galereia)

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  The New English Weekly Feb.23,1933
  The New York Times Oct. 31, 1943; Feb., 1946; , Jan., 1948; May 1952; Oct., 1956
  New York Herald Tribune Oct.31, 1943; Oct. 1956
  New York World-Telegram Oct. 25, 1943; Feb.,2,1946
  The New York Sun Nov.5, 1943; Feb.2, 1946; Jan.1948
  Art News Nov.1, 1943; Jan. 1948; May 1952; Oct. 1956
  The Art Digest Oct.15, 1943; Feb., 1946; Oct., 1947; Feb.1948; May 1952
  The Christian Science Monitor Nov.15, 1943
  Forward Oct.31, 1943
  Gotham Life Oct.23, 1943
  New of the Art Shows Feb., 1946
  The Jewish Forum March, 1946; March, 1948
  Continental Daily Mail June, 1947
  Pictures on Exhibit May 1952; Oct. 1956
  New York Post Oct. 1956
  Arts Oct. 1956
  Haaretz Week’s End [Eng Edition] Jan. 2001
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  Poslednie Novosti , France June, 1933; May,1934; April,1940
  Rossiia I Slavisty, France May, 1934, n.232
  Illiustrirovannaia Rossiia, France June, 1934
  Novoe Russkoe Slovo, New York Oct.26, 1943; Feb.,1946; Jan.,1948; May,1952; Oct.1956
  Novyi Zhurnal, New York n.6, 1943
  Vesti, Israel Jan.2001
  Okna ( Weekly addition to “Vesti”) Jan.2001
  Novosti nedeli, Israel Feb., 2001
  Russkii Kur’er, Russia June, 2003
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