Questions for George:

  • Translation of model information below, if you know
  • Do these viewers fit all Technikas, Technikardans?
  • Are the viewers mounted simply by removing the folding GG hood and replacing it with the reflex viewer ?
  • Is the gape in all/most/some Linhof backs sufficient to accept "fat" rollholders or must focusing frame be swapped out for most rollholders?
  • Do you want the photo credit?

The pages below are from a Linhof brochure describing their reflex viewers. They show the 9 x 12 cm/4 x 5 in and 6.5 x 9cm/2 1/2 x 3 1/2 in viewers attached to their respective cameras. The Linhof design supports both horizontal and vertical orientation, but in a way different from other designs that rotate on a bearing surface; Linhof viewers are made in two housings, one with the optic and mirror with a square footprint and a larger rectangular hood that attaches to the camera. [Looks like this is a friction-fit kind of arrangement between the two housings and that the control on the small unit controls mirror angle] Frame orientation is shifted by removing and turning the optic/mirror housing in relation to the hood. While this may seem slightly less convenient and a little riskier from droppage, it also makes the unit less bulky and a bit easier to pack.

The hood attaches to the focusing frame hinged on one side, so it can swing out of the way when fine focusing with a loupe. The angle of the mirror to the camera can be adjusted to improve illumination over the longer dimension.

  I don't think it is necessary to translate all of the German text, but it would be nice to include an English version of the model information, but my German only extends to a required course for a graduate degree. Can you help with this?

Lieferbar sind: Winkelspiegel 6,5x 9cm umstekbar Ident-Nr. 002629) fur Kameras mit aushängbarem Lichtschacht,

9 x 12 cm (Ident-No 002628),

Winkelspiegel nicht umstekbar 13 x 18 cm (Ident-Nr. 002507) und 6,5x 9 cm fur Kameras mit aushängbarem Lichtschacht (Ident-Nr. 002508)

und cm fur Kameras 6,5x 9 cm ohne aushängbarem Lichtschacht (Ident-Nr. 002509)


Viewer ?? (umstekbar)
for cameras with (aushangen-) removeable (-barem) price schedule light (Licht-) well (-schacht)


  Photos: George Vallee

Viewer in vertical configuration

Viewer in horizontal configuration

Disassembled, movable mirror visible in mirror/optic housing

Disassembled, hinge and latch visible in camera hood


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