Kodak Junior II 620
Deco design, wire finder
Kodak Senior 616
Deco supports, rounded design, optical finder

Kodak Jiffy 620
Built in reflex finder, sissors supports
Giffy 127
Wire finder, X supports, fixed focus
Nagel Duo 620
6x4.5 format, German lens, not imported

Nagel Duo 620 with Rangefinder
Similar to model to the left, but with rangefinder and film index


Nagel Suprema 620
Rigid optical finder, 6x6 format,
German lens

Kodak Flash Bantam 4.5
828 film, optical finder,
mini-size for the time.

Monitor 616
Optical finder, body release, exposure counter, quality lens
.Monitor 620
Same featureset as 616, with smaller body
Vollenda 620
Hexagonal silhoute, German lens